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Interactive Fountains

Our interactive fountains will keep children of all ages busy for hours. Our interactive fountains consist of a collection of jets that are embedded into the pool floor in any configuration imaginable. Whether your fountain is configured in concentric circles, or multiple rows, or a meandering pathway, each jet is turned on and off individually. There is no limit to the number of jets that can be involved. The SmartWorks Controller is then programmed to turn each jet on and off on precise sequences to bring the fountain alive. The jets can chase each other and get faster and faster. The concentric circles can take turns going from center to outer. The meandering path can rise up from the pool floor in military rhythm like soldiers on proud display at a parade.

Your fountain will be programmed with a variety of changing arrays that constantly provide curious visual amusement. Even parents watching their children from the nearby lounge area will be captivated by the entertainment.