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Bringing to life the vision you have for how guests will enjoy your park is our passion at Wizard Works. Your reality can include the value-added versatile features our SmartWorks technology gives to water park environments. Here’s the difference Wizard Works makes for you.


“Interactivity” is a term people use a lot in the water park entertainment industry. But what does it really mean?

Interactivity is “two people or things influencing or having an effect on each other.” It also means “allowing a two-way flow of information between a user and a computer or other electronic device that responds to the user's input. Only one water park product company delivers features that empower people to interact with each other using computer information flows to generate exciting volumes of sprays, streams and splashes. That’s Wizard Works!


What most companies refer to as “interactive” really is passive. Most eject water from colored pipes, and if participants happen to pass under them at the right moments, they get wet.

One is not doing anything to contribute to the experience. Water drips or spills, and you passively get wet -- if you’re lucky!


Over the years we have designed, developed and constructed countless attractions and features that give your guests hands-on control to generate impressive levels of truly interactive play experiences that have exceeded expectations for how they enjoy your parks. 

You can choose from an extensive portfolio of individual interactive play elements which can be used to customize your park and play area of any size.


Wizard Works employees have more than thirty years experience designing water parks and equipment, and are responsible for dozens of industry patents. This experience gives us a unique perspective on the science of engineering "play-value." We meticulously analyze how children intuitively desire to play in water parks, and we engineer play equipment that meets and exceeds those expectations. Our features capture and give expression to that "play-value!"


Wizard Works’ SmartWorks driven play features are engineered to be easy to use, operate and repair. Many components are standardized and easy to access. Simple maintenance instructions, and how-to’s are included with each equipment purchase. Trained technical staff are a phone call/email away.

On site support is available and recommended with each installation.

Only the most durable materials are used to construct Wizard Works products. They look like toys, but are designed from super sturdy industrial components that can handle the daily robust activities from the most rugged and rowdy children and teens. Our products are designed to perform year in and year out and never break - even under the most strenuous play activities!

Whether you are shopping to assist your clients or filling your own water park needs, Wizard Works' easy to maintain, simple to operate SmartWorks engineered features can meet your needs.

Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and thrill your client’s and customers.


Enhance your park with a package of options that can include interactive fountain jets for a toddler pool, or a two-person pump geyser, detonators and depth charges for a spray ground or river, or our signature Blaster Battle Bonanzas with added water cannons, or one of our proprietary hydro storms in an activity pool, or a custom designed Crazy-Lazy River tube or boat ride. There are infinite numbers of combinations and designs that can be customer configured to transform your environment into a series of truly human-participatory experiences.

Your Wizard Works’ SmartWorks activated water park play structures and features grab the attention and hold the interest of children and your guests of all ages! All products from fountains and spray parks to our multi level play structures (MLPS) and hydro storms can be "themed to reflect almost any concept(s) you prefer.

Visit our products pages to smorgasbord an exciting array of features to entertain your guests! Once you've had a chance to look them over with your team, contact us to schedule 15-20 minutes to address any questions you may and discuss how they can enhance your park.

We at Wizard Works look forward to serving you to support your clients and guests. we trust you find these meaningful, and we look forward to connecting with you to improve the experiences you can offer your guests.


To be a good innovator, you need good tools.

The days of old, clunky mechanical interactive technology is over. Mechanical interactivity is simply about opening and closing a mechanical valve to allow water pass through. Examples of mechanical technology is opening a sink faucet or flushing a toilet bowl. Problem is, there are only so many ways to deliver fun using this methodology. Eventually, you run out of ways to make it fun. To complicate it further, it is difficult, if not impossible for small children to generate enough leverage to “pump” water to higher elevations. Manufacturers have reached this limitation many years ago which is why nothing new has been developed until Wizard Works came along.

Wizard Works realized these limitations at the end of the 20th century and recognized the need to move beyond. The result of our efforts is SmartWorks Technology, which captures the vastness of computer technology. We figured that if we could somehow allow a means for participants to communicate with a computer (hidden in a remote utility room), and if we could master the ability to program this computer to provide interesting effects in response, then we will have gained the advantage of being able to constantly change the computer, thereby changing the play experience. Once we conceived this idea and got to work, it grew before our very eyes.

We didn’t realize at first exactly how vast our opportunities would be. We quickly realized that a whole world opened for us and there was really no end to what we can do. We discovered that every time we had a new idea on an entertainment feature, we had a quick solution for it. We gathered and tested hundreds and thousands of components, and designed products that can allow guests to play with.

We started to play with computer-controlled valves that can open and close at any speed demanded by the SmartWorks computer. This simple first step already blew past the mechanical technology because we can open and close the valves in rapid succession for a cool effect or we could hold open the valve for any desired length of time. We also realized that we can build devices for small children to easily operate and then force the computer to control the effect. This enables us to allow small children to move huge volumes of water. Then we discovered the use of compressed air to create depth charges or blast geysers 100-feet high or launch 30-gallon cannon balls across a pool. We moved on to using a plethora of light effects and visual effects. We developed sound technology where we enhance the play experience with digitally mastered sound effects like cartoon character voices and giggles and fire engine sounds and anything else we could think of.

The inception of SmartWorks Technology has blown the doors wide open for innovation. With this vast technology, we are confident that we can take any idea a client would have for an attraction, and we can make it come to life.

If you aren’t a believer yet, just take a look at our Human Pinball Water Ride and see the kind of power this technology can provide. Then use your imagination and think of how you could put it to use. We accept your challenge to make it happen.