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The experts in Water Park play features and play structures.

More Excitement for Your Guests!

At Wizard Works, our highest priority is ensuring that your Water Parks deliver to the families and children who visit them, the interactive splashes, sprays and streams that all Water Parks promise, but which only Wizard Works delivers with our truly human-controlled play equipment and features.

Imagine your park enabling people to pump geysers, plunge down handles, press water blaster buttons, pull ropes, twist easy to turn wheels, wave their hands over sensors, and perform other actions to generate splashes, sprays and streams of water that dramatically increases their involvement and fun! Your park deserves these Wizard Works advantages.


Wizard Works Features Smart Engineering, Simple Operations, Easy Maintenance and A Lot More Fun!

As you think about designing, developing, constructing and/or upgrading yours or your clients' Spray ground and water park facilities, consider how Wizard Works’ products, which feature our exclusive SmartWorks computer technology, offer the latest innovations that give your guests hands-on control of how they play with water park equipment.

SmartWorks allows for those who control Water Parks to reprogram the experience, including water pressure, direction of spray, sound and lighting effects. SmartWorks also can take control to automatically run the features, when play slows down, to dramatically display your park’s capabilities to keep customers engaged.

The Future Has Arrived

SmartWorks Control Technology

Wizard Works brings the versatility, power and user-friendly control of computer technology to improve the experiences of your guests at your Water park. Our SmartWorks systems deliver play-value that gives your patrons more to do than merely positioning themselves under bent pieces of colorful pipes that periodically spurt water, so they might get wet, if they’re lucky.

Innovation At It's Best

SmartWorks gives your park the capacity to entertain guests by giving them hands on control of their play. Our Multi Level Play Structures are packed with features that let them shower and spray each other.


Our Crazy Lazy Rivers are two-in-one! Programming allows them to alternate at your prescribed intervals to give adventurous guests a raucous and raging river ride and then give other guests a lazy, soothing and relaxing one.

Innovations like our patented Human Pinball Water Ride provide an exciting new level of interaction between guests both in and outside the water, in an engaging game-like environment contest.